One Room Challenge - Week 3

Here we are, week 3 of the One Room Challenge

Last week I showed you my idea board for my new kitchen:


tarpon kitchne moodboard.jpg

There are so many decisions that go into a new kitchen! We basically started with the floor, since we knew we would not be replacing it.  It's the original terrazzo from the 50's, and it is continuous throughout the entire first floor.


I love how light and bright this floor makes the whole house feel.  We have 8 foot ceilings, and having the floor color be so close to the wall color really helps to make it feel more expansive. 

We knew that we needed to work with the grays, beiges, and tan colors in the floor.  Usually in a kitchen, I would pick the cabinet color next, but I knew that I wanted a patterned cement tile, so I chose one that complemented our color scheme, but also felt more modern.  Remember, we are going for a boho/beachy/mid-century feel here.

This tile is from Cement Tile Shop (right here in Tampa!) and I love it so much!

NOW, on to cabinets! To stay within the framework of modern and somewhat streamlined, I knew that I wanted slab doors.  I found a stain color that I really loved, but we have so much wood in adjacent areas of the house, so I went with a light gray - Colonnade Gray from Sherwin Williams.


Having gray cabinets means that I can have the upper shelves made of wood as well as the stools without having all of those tones of wood clashing and competing with one another.  I brought in a little more warmth and texture with the basket pendants.

I already knew I wanted white marble or quartz countertops, so that was an easy choice.

The next decision was a faucet - there are so many beautiful options out there these days, but when I saw this one that Lauren Liess used on Best House on the Block, I knew I had to have one similar to it.

If you can't tell, it's a brass toned pre-rinse faucet!!!!

It was not easy to find, but I finally did, and got the pot filler to match.  These two bright spots will really be a focal point in the kitchen - the sink is front and center in the island, so having a really gorgeous faucet is important.

On to hardware!  I love the look of brass pulls, but I really wanted to let the faucet be the star, so I went with a very simple matte black tab pull.

As far as appliances, we went with stainless range, dishwasher and fridge.  In our last kitchen we we went with a name brand suite of appliances - and I'm sorry to say we were not happy with them (except for the dishwasher, so we bought the same one this time as well!)  This time we just picked from different manufacturers to get the function we needed.  

   refrigerator   /   range   /   dishwasher

  refrigerator  /  range  /  dishwasher

I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

As far as progress in the room goes, everything got demo'd on Friday.  The guys came back this week and finished up the electrical.  It's a little tricky because of the concrete floors - they had to cut a whole in the middle of the room, and then tunnel under the floor to put in the conduit to get electricity to the island.  They'll come back tomorrow to do the water and drain lines.


Oh yeah, I found this great blog post about how to survive during a kitchen reno!  She includes lots of tips and she even gives you meal ideas!

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